Wednesday, April 19, 2017

How to Get the Most out of your Air Conditioner..

From The Art of Doing Stuff

  • Wash your outdoor unit with high pressure hose water working from the top down.  It’s like cleaning out the lint trap on your dryer.  If the air conditioning unit is clogged it can’t work properly.

  • Make sure none of your vents are blocked.  Not blocked by a couch, dresser, sleeping goat.  Nothin’.

  • If you don’t use your basement or it’s getting too cold, close your basement vents.  Since cold air drops, basements always get cold.  Closing the vents will  force cold air to other areas of the house where the cool is needed more.

  • In the spring or fall when you don’t need air conditioning but still want to cool the house a little, turn your furnace fan on.  This will circulate the air throughout the house making it feel cooler.

  • If one vent is blowing really strongly it’s taking power away from vents elsewhere.  Close the offending vent a little to allow airflow elsewhere.  In older houses this can be done with the dampers in the basement.

  • Don’t ever turn your air conditioner off in the summer.  Once it’s cool enough outside, turn the temperature that your air is supposed to come on  up a few degrees and open your windows.   When your air comes on you know it’s time to close your windows again.  If you let your house overheat in the summer getting full of hot air and humidity before you turn the air on, it’s harder on the air conditioner, more expensive and takes wayyyyy longer to cool the house down.

  • Finally, if you can’t seem to get your house consistently cold or your upstairs is still too hot, call in a professional.  Having your system professionally balanced makes a huge difference and could mean the difference between a good night’s sleep and punching your partner in the head because you woke up drowning in their puddle of sweat.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Events at the Goshen Fairgrouns for this April and May

2016 Off-Season Fair Grounds Schedule
April 22-24 
Litchfield County Conservation District Seedling
  Tree Sale
May 14 
4H Showmanship
May 21 
Southern Berkshire Amateur Radio Club
May 28-30 
CT Family Campers & RV’ers
June 4-5 
Chamber of Commerce
June 11 
FFA Garden Tractor Pull / Horse Show
June 14 
Rhon Jennings Antique Show
June 17-19 
Goshen Stampede
July 9 
Little Guild Pet Adoption
July 16-17 
Tibet Fest
July 25-26 
CT Wine Festival
July 30-31 
Litchfield County 4-H Fair
August 6-7 
Litchfield Jazz Festival
August 21 
Litchfield Hills Historical Auto Club Show