Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Getting Your Flower Pots Ready For Spring Planting.

As the weather gets warmer, we are all looking forward to plan shopping for our container gardens.  Before you go to the local nursery's and buy plants, a few tips to help your container plants look their best

1) Dump out the old soil from your pots.

2) Give all you pots (plastic, fiberglass, terra cotta, concrete) a good wash with a mild bleach solution to kill any fungus and bugs that may have over wintered in your containers..

3) Let the containers dry thoroughly.

4) Fill with fresh potting soil  and add your favorite flowers!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Clean Your Patio

Spring is just a few days away and hopefully we are all looking forward to warm days and nights on the back patio. Before we can do that, we need to clean the patio!  It's not has hard as you think.

Just as you would regularly vacuum the floor and dust your furniture inside your house, you should keep your patio clean so it's ready at a moments notice to entertain. Start in early spring with a complete cleaning.

Remove all the furniture, the grill, container plants and accessories. Give the patio a good sweeping and washing.  With the patio empty, now is the time to clean it.

Spray the concrete walkway with a garden hose to wash away dried dirt and other grime. Also spray down any plants and grass next to your patio to minimize any affects of any cleaners you may you. Use a hose nozzle with a concentrated water flow. Direct the hose at the concrete so it doesn't blast the surrounding grass. Limit the time you use the hose to avoid excessive water runoff that could harm the grass.
Wash difficult stains with a power washer that has a low output with high pressure. This limits the amount of runoff that can damage the surrounding grass while still delivering a powerful stream of water. Direct the power washer stream at the dirty areas of the sidewalk without letting the powerful water flow hit the grass.
Scrub remaining stains with a stiff scrub brush. Alternate between scrubbing and spraying the area to remove the grime. You can use a diluted bleach solution (1 cup of bleach to one gallon plus 1 quart of water) to help remove grime. 
Apply a small amount of mild detergent to stubborn dirt or grime on the concrete. Scrub the detergent into the spot with the scrub brush. Wash the detergent away with plenty of water to dilute and remove the cleaner and avoid damaging the grass.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Things To Do This Upcoming Week

OWL Senior Center Café-11:30am-FCC, Litchfield

Student Compass Presentation-6:30-8pm-Litchfield CC

Cinderella-6:30pm-Warren School Gym

Hidden History of Litchfield County-7-8pm-OWL


Friday Feast & Dancing Feet-12-2pm-Litchfield CC

Heaven and Earth-5pm-Wisdom House

Star Party-7pm-White Memorial CC


Overcoming Procrastination-9:30am-3pm-Wisdom House

LH Farm-Fresh Indoor Market-10am-1pm-Litchfield CC

Llama Walk-11am-White Memorial CC

Morris VFD Chili Cook-Off-1pm-Morris Firehouse

90-North: Overview of the Arctic-2pm-White Memorial CC


New Contemporary Service-9-10am-FCC, Litchfield

Energy Conservation & Savings Forum-11:30am-St. Michael's, Litchfield

Fashion During Connecticut's Colonial Revival-3pm-Litch. Hist. Museum

Lenten Sacred Choral Music & Readings-4pm-St. Michael’s, Litchfield